Monday, January 17, 2011

As I turn 55

January 2011 promotes me to senior citizen status.  Presently I am taking Liberal Arts classes at State College of Florida, where I hold a Writing Tutor post.  My application for admission to University of South Florida is in.  I hope to start my junior year there in the Fall 2011 Semester and earn a B.A. Literature.

Here are my publications since my October 2010 blog entry:

My first "1st line" of fiction appears at 50 to 1, in the archives.

"Second-hand Goods," a poem, will appear in the February 2011 Issue of Kerouac's Dog Magazine,

"Daydreaming at the Printing Press," a poem, appears at Mad Swirl, the September 17, 2011 Mad Swirl Poetry Forum.

"Lessons," micro-fiction, can be viewed in Short, Fast, & Deddly's i48,

"The River," micro-fiction, is available at Postcard Shorts,

"Reason," a prose poem, is found by typing "Sander Blome" in the Search box at Daily Love,

"The Empty Room," micro-fiction, is at Postcard Shorts,

"Flashlight at Five A.M.," a poem, will appear in the #10 vol. 7 Fall/Winter issue of The Stray Branch,

"Sun and Care A.L.F," micro-fiction, can be read at 50 to 1,

Postcard Shorts displays my stories "New Things,", "Patricia and Patrice,", and "Coffee,"

Bearing North, an anthology of poetry and short stories published by Midwest Literary Magazine, includes my poems "North Cape" and "Deference to Dad."  Bearing North may be purchased at

Mad Swirl's Poetry Forum on December 7, 2010 includes my poem, "Temperature,"

Be sure to refresh yourself with some literature today.

Thanks.  Have a good one.

Sander Blome